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Reflections of God's Word

We all know what it is like to look into a mirror and find something doesn't look right in the reflection looking back at us. Whether it's our hair is out of place, makeup is smudged, we have something on our face or in our hair, our clothing has a stain, a tie is crooked, a dress is more wrinkled than originally thought. A mirror is a good thing. It helps us see what we would otherwise not see, and we would go about our day with those imperfections on display for everyone to see. When we see those imperfections, we fix them, go about our day. How different is it with our spiritual life? It's not... We hear God's word, it speaks to us and gives us instructions for living a righteous, Christ-like life. What we do with what we hear is what is important. Hearing God's word without taking action when the Spirit leads is knowing something needs fixed, a change needs made, but we deny the reflection that God's word is showing us. Do you hear God's word, see the reflection of yourself in relationship to His Word, then go about your day forgetting the reflection revealed to you? We are to be doers of the Word and not just hearers only. God's instructions, the Holy Spirit's whispers, speak to us to help guide us to be better Christians. However, not taking action to correct or do what is being revealed to us, is the same as looking at yourself in the mirror, then going about your day forgetting what was being reflected back at you. What is God trying to get you to reflect on about yourself? Are there things He is showing you that need changed? Are you doing something about it, or are you denying what has been reflected in your life from God's word and then going about your day? If you feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit, it is important to take time to listen, then do. Doing so will help you grow in your faith and spiritual walk with God. Ask God for guidance, strength, and perseverance as sometimes what God asks us to change can be hard. While we may or may not be asked of God to give up everything like Jesus instructed the rich man in Matthew chapter 10, what we are being asked to do may still be hard within our own circumstances. The question to think about is are we willing to do what is being asked, or will we walk away like the rich man did, and change nothing because the change is too difficult. It takes steps of faith and believing that God knows what is best for us and then leaning on this confidently through faith in Him and the promises in His Word that He will prosper us.


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